Coulomb’s law Problems and Applications

Table of Contents1 Coulomb’s Law1.1 Important points of Coulomb’s law2 Application of Coulomb’s Law3 Similarity between Electrostatic and Gravitational forces4 Difference between Electrostatic and Gravitational forces Coulomb’s Law Coulomb’s law enables us to calculate the electrostatic force between any two point charges. It holds for distances ranging from 10-15 to 1018 m. The force of interaction … Read moreCoulomb’s law Problems and Applications

Electrical Charges and its Properties

Table of Contents1 Electrical Charges (q)1.1 Properties of electrical charges1.2 Concept: 1  Calculation of remaining charge on the body.1.3 Concept: 2 Calculaton of electrons when +ve or -ve charge on the body is given.2 Conductor and Insulators3 Methods of charging3.1 Charging by rubbing3.2 Charging by contact or conduction3.3 Charging by induction4 Difference between Electrical Charges … Read moreElectrical Charges and its Properties

Concentration of Solution Problems and Definition

Table of Contents1 Concentration of solution1.1 Mass Percentage1.2 Volume Percentage1.3 Mass by volume percentage1.4 Parts per million1.5 Parts per billion1.6 Concentration or strength in g/L1.7 Mole fraction (χ)1.8 Molality (m)1.9 Normality (N)1.10 Molarity (M)1.11 Formality (F)2 Inter-relation between different concentration of solution2.1 Relation between molarity and weight percentage2.2 Relation between molality and mole fraction2.3 Relation … Read moreConcentration of Solution Problems and Definition

Locomotion and Movement

locomotion and movement

Table of Contents0.1 Pectoral girdle1 Synovial Joints – Locomotion and Movement2 Osteoporosis – Locomotion and Movement In locomotion and movement : Movement refers to a change in the body position. It is a fundamental characteristic of living beings. Locomotion is the movement of body parts that leads to change place. The reduction in force of contraction … Read moreLocomotion and Movement

Excretory Products And Their Elimination

Excretory Products And Their Elimination

Table of Contents1 Diabetes insipidus2 Podocytes – Excretory Products And Their Elimination3 Glomerular filtrate – Excretory Products And Their Elimination4 Excretory Products And Their Elimination Excretory Products And Their Elimination – Animals produce different types of nitrogenous wastes as a result of various cellular reactions taking place in their body. These waste material, if allowed to accumulate … Read moreExcretory Products And Their Elimination