Miscellaneous Questions -1- Basic Biology

1. Haploid plants can be obtained by culture of?

[A] Nucellar cell

[B] Tapetum

[C] Anther wall culture

[D] Endosperm of pinus

ANSWER: – [D] Endosperm of pinus

The endosperm is haploid and develop before fertilization.


2. Testosterone in males secreted by?

[A] Sertoli cell

[B] Germ cells

[C] Leydig cells

[D] Rete-testis

ANSWER: – [C] Leydig cells

Leydig cells interstitial cells  are found adjacent to the seminiferous tubules in the testicle.


3. How many secondary spermatocytes will be required to form 400 spermatozoan?

[A] 100

[B] 200

[C] 400

[D] 50

ANSWER: – [B] 200


4. Sperms formed from 4 primary spermatocytes are?

[A] 4

[B] 1

[C] 16

[D] 32

ANSWER: – [C] 16


5. Corpus luteum is developed from?

[A] Oocyte

[B] Primordial follicles

[C] peritoneum

[D] Graafian follicle

ANSWER: – [D] Graafian follicle

Corpus luteum is formed after the release of a secondary oocyte from the Graafian follicle.

6.What is true for Semen?

[A] 90% of Semen is Sperm

[B] Acidic pH – 6.5

[C] Major Contributor is Prostrate gland

[D] Fructose is the energy source for Sperms

ANSWER: – [D] Fructose is the energy source for Sperms

Semen pH—should be between 7.2 and 7.8.

pH of 8.0 or higher – indicate an infection,

If pH less than 7.0 – suggests contamination with urine or an obstruction in the ejaculatory ducts.

7. Which is the longest part of Oviduct?

[A] Isthmus

[B] Fimbriae

[C] Ampulla

[D] Infundibulum

ANSWER: – [C] Ampulla


8. The part of the broad ligament of the uterus that covers the ovary is known as the?

[A] Perimetrium

[B] Mesovarium

[C] Mesosalpinx

[D] Mons pubis

ANSWER: – [B] Mesovarium

The mesovarium is the portion of the broad ligament of the uterus that suspends the ovaries.

9. Spermiation means?

[A] Metamorphosis in spermatids

[B] Sperm formation in seminiferous tubules

[C] Maturation process in spermatozoa

[D] Release of sperms from the seminiferous tubule

ANSWER: – [D] Release of sperms from the seminiferous tubule


10. What is true for Sertoli cells?

[A] “Nurse” cell of the testicles that is part of a seminiferous tubule.

[B] It is activated by follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), and has FSH receptor on its membranes.

[C] Development of Sertoli cells is directed by the testis-determining factor protein.

[D] All of these

ANSWER: – [D] All of these


11. Which structure is called Landing platform for pollen grains?

[A] Locule

[B] Placenta

[C] Funicle

[D] Upper part of Carpel

ANSWER: – [D] Upper part of Carpel


12. Which one is having several ovules in Ovary?

[A] Water melon

[B] Wheat

[C] Paddy

[D] Mango

ANSWER: – [A] Water melon

Some fruits like papaya, watermelon have many ovules and ovary matures into a fruit, then ovules will turn into seeds and hence these fruits have many seeds.


13. In which plant family the pollen grain viability is less?

[A] Poaceae

[B] Rosaceae

[C] Leguminosae

[D] Solanaceae

ANSWER: – [A] Poaceae

Pollen viability in Poaceae is short ranging between sever minute and few hours.


14. Conidia seen in?

[A] Hydra

[B] Sponge

[C] Paramecium

[D] Penicillium

ANSWER: – [D] Penicillium


15. Which is not a vegetative propagule?

[A] Tuber

[B] Sucker

[C] Offset

[D] Gemmules

ANSWER: – [D] Gemmules

Vegetative propagules are the rhizome, runner, bulb, sucker, tuber, offset and leaf.

16. Which is not correctly matched?

[A] Ginger – Rhizome

[B] Bulbil – Agave

[C] Offset – Bryophyllum

[D] Eyes – Potato

ANSWER: – [C] Offset – Bryophyllum

17. Famous Indian Botanist Panchanan Maheshwari worked on?

[A] Microbiology

[B] Cytology

[C] Genetics

[D] Embryology

ANSWER: – [D] Embryology

Panchanan Maheshwari is chiefly for his invention of the technique of test-tube fertilization of angiosperms.

18. Oestrous Cycle is absent in?

[A] Sheep

[B] Cows

[C] Rat

[D] Apes

ANSWER: – [D] Apes


19. Heterothallic are always:

[A] Unisexual

[B] Monoecious

[C] Hermaphrodites

[D] Bisexual

ANSWER: – [A] Unisexual


20. Mesosomes are seen in:

[A] Protista

[B] Algae

[C] Bacteria

[D] Fungi

ANSWER: – [C] Bacteria


21. Which term is used for the beginning of the development of sperm in boy’s testicles at puberty?

[A] Spermarche

[B] Menarche

[C] Spermiation

[D] Spermiogenesis

ANSWER: – [A] Spermarche

Spermarche is the beginning of the development of sperm in boys’ testicles at puberty.


22. Which is not a part of external genitalia in females?

[A] Mons pubis

[B] Hymen

[C] Labia majora

[D] Vagina

ANSWER: – [D] Vagina


23. Which of the following commonly called “Whorling Whips”?

[A] Dinoflagellates

[B] Archebacteria

[C] Diatoms

[D] Euglenophyta

ANSWER: – [D] Dinoflagellates


24. Which is not a parasite?

[A] Trypanosoma

[B] Trichonympha

[C] Trichomonas

[D] Leishmania

ANSWER: – [B] Trichonympha


25. In Paramecium, Trichocyst are:

[A] Osmoregulatory parts

[B] Locomotory parts

[C] Reproductive parts

[D] Defensive parts

ANSWER: – [D] Defensive parts


26. What is true for Bulbourethral gland?

[A] Homologous to Bartholin glands in females

[B] Small exocrine glands present in Males

[C] The secretion neutralizes acidic urine which remains in the urethra.

[D] All of these

ANSWER: – [D] all of these


27. Which of the following is/are true statement:

[1] For Normal fertility in male, at least 40% sperms must have normal shape & size.

[2] For Normal fertility in male, at least 60% sperms must show vigorous motility.

[A] Both (1) & (2) are true statement

[B] Both (1) & (2) are wrong statements

[C] Statement (1) is true But Statement (2) is wrong

[D] Statement (1) is wrong but statement (2) is true

ANSWER: – [B] Both (1) & (2) are wrong statements

For the Male to be minimally fertile – 40% sperms must swim,60% should be normal shape and size and minimum sperm count should be 20 million/ml of semen.


28. The acrosome is spermatozoa is:

[A] Modified Mitochondria

[B] Modified Centriole

[C] Modified Nucleus

[D] Modified Golgi complex

ANSWER: – [D] Modified Golgi complex


29. Why interstitial cells are important in testis?

[A] Produce Sperms

[B] Provide immunity

[C] Endocrine part

[D] Provide nutrition

ANSWER: – [C] Endocrine part


30. Soap box like cell wall seen in:

[A] Dinoflagellates

[B] Diatoms


[D] Bacteria

ANSWER: – [B] Diatoms


31. What is true about Air Layering (Gootee)?

[A] Grafting Clay is required

[B] A ring of bark is removed

[C] Adventitious roots took 2-3 months to appear

[D] All of these

ANSWER: – [D] All of these


32. Adiantum caudatum, commonly known as?

[A] Cord Moss

[B] Water hyacinth

[C] Water lettuce

[D] Walking fern

ANSWER: – [D] Walking fern

Adiantum caudatum develops adventitious buds at the leaf tip and when these tips touch the ground they form new plants. This help in spreading the fern over the large area.so Adiantum caudatum is known as walking fern.

33. Which is not a thinly walled spore?

[A] Zoospore

[B] Aplanospore

[C] Chlamydospore

[D] None of these

ANSWER: – [C]  Chlamydospore


34. Torulation is?

[1] Repetitive budding on an unseparated bud

[2] Seen in Agaricus fungi

[A] (1) & (2) both true

[B] Only (1) is correct

[C] Only (2) is correct

[D] Both (1) & (2) false

ANSWER: – [A] (1) & (2) both true


35. Which is a species among these given names?

[A] Mangifera

[B] tigris

[C] Panthera

[D] Datura

ANSWER: – [B] tigris


36. Which is rightly matched?

[A] Wheat – Poales

[B] Mango – Sapindales

[C] Housefly – Diptera

[D] All of these

ANSWER: – [D] All of these


37. What is Key in taxonomy?

[A] A key is a device, which when properly constructed and used, enables a user to identify an organism.

[B] Keys are devices consisting of a series of contrasting or contradictory statements or propositions.

[C] The key consists of a series of choices, based on observed features of the plant specimen.

[D] All of these

ANSWER: – [D] all of these


38. Chemosynthetic organisms are always:

[A] Utilise chemical energy for ATP production

[B] Prepare chemicals by the use of photons

[C] Can fix atmospheric nitrogen into nitrates

[D] All of these

ANSWER: – [A] Utilise chemical energy for ATP production


39. Halophiles, Thermoacidophiles & methanogens are:

[A] Having a different cell wall structure

[B] Oldest living fossils

[C] Can survive harsh conditions

[D] All of these

ANSWER: – [D] All of these


40. What is FALSE about Slime moulds:

[A] They are saprophytic protists

[B] They form Palmelloid colony

[C] There spore possess true walls

[D] Extremely resistant organisms

ANSWER: – [B] They form Palmelloid colony


41. Embryo sac is to ovule as ______ is to an anther:

[A] Stamen

[B] Filament

[C] Pollen grain

[D] Androecium

ANSWER: – [C] Pollen grain


42. Which plant will lose its economic value, if its fruits are produced by induced parthenocarpy?

[A] Grapes

[B] Pomegranate

[C] Orange

[D] Banana

ANSWER: – [B] Pomegranate


43. Assertion

[A]: The pH of Vagina is Acidic;


[R]: Lactobacillus carried fermentation in vagina & produces acid.

[A] Both A & R are true & R is correct explanation of A

[B] Both A & R are true & R is not correct explanation of A

[C] A is true but R is false

[D] Both A & R are false

ANSWER: – [A] Both A & R are true & R is correct explanation of A


44. Assertion

[A]: Plant breeders have been conducting extensive research to develop haploids;


[R]: Gynogenic haploids were first developed by San Noem (1976) from the ovary cultures of Hordeum vulgare.

[A] Both A & R are true & R is correct explanation of A

[B] Both A & R are true & R is not correct explanation of A

[C] A is true but R is false

[D] Both A & R are false

ANSWER: – [B] Both A & R are true & R is not correct explanation of A

Haploid plants can be developed from ovary or ovule cultures. It is possible to trigger female gametophytes (megaspores) of angiosperms to develop into a sporophyte. The plants so produced are referred to as gynogenic haploids.


45. The odd one is:

[A] Micropyle

[B] Megaspore

[C] Nucellus

[D] Pollen grains

ANSWER: – [D] Pollen grains


46.Which pair is correctly matched for Semen chemicals? 

[A] Fructose: Nourishing Sperms

[B] Prostaglandins: Neutralizing the acidity of vagina

[C] Bicarbonates: Stimulate movements in female tract

[D] All of these

ANSWER: – [A] Fructose: Nourishing Sperms


47. Large, gram-positive bacterium occurring in normal vaginal secretions; Identical with Lactobacillus acidophilus are known as?

[A] Doderlein’s bacillus

[B] Friedlander’s bacillus

[C] Frisch bacillus

[D] None of these

ANSWER: – [A] Doderlein’s bacillus


48. The Ampulla is a part of?

[A] Uterus

[B] Vulva

[C] Ovaries

[D] Oviduct

ANSWER: – [D] Oviduct


49. Internal OS is an orifice between these parts?

[A] Uterus to Oviduct

[B] Uterus to Vagina

[C] Body of uterus to cervical canal

[D] Cervix to Vagina

ANSWER: – [C] Body of uterus to cervical canal


50.Kigelia Pinnata & Adansonia shows:

[A] Ornithophily

[B] Entomophily

[C] Anemophily

[D] Chiropterophily

ANSWER: – [D] Chiropterophily


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