Composition, Structure, And Function Of Biomolecules

Composition, Structure, And Function Of Biomolecules

Biomolecules The molecules found in the organisms are called biomolecules and they obey the same laws of physics and chemistry. Biomolecules have curious optical activity. They rotate the plane of polarisation of independent light. Organic molecules produced abiologically lack this property. Products of biological origin prefer the odd number of C atom per molecule. The cellular pool […]

Structure of atoms, molecules and chemical bonds


The Atoms – Nature’s Building Material All the living organism and non-living objects are formed of matter. Atoms are the building block of matter. Atoms are generally formed of three subatomic particles: electron, proton, and neutron. Each electron has one unit negative charge and each proton has one unit positive charge, whereas a neutron has no charge. Atoms aggregate […]

Crypts of Lieberkuhn cells – secrete antibacterial lysozyme

The intestinal glands lie in the wall of the small intestine.Intestinal glands are two types: Crypts of Lieberkuhn and Brunner’s gland. Crypts of Lieberkuhn The crypts of Lieberkuhn are simple tubular glands and occur throughout the small intestine between the villi. The term Crypts of Lieberkuhn is named after the German anatomist Johann Nathanael Lieberkühn. […]

Pancreas,Gonads and Placenta – The partly endocrine gland of Human

Heterocrine Glands are both in dual in function, i.e., Endocrine and, Pancreas, Gonads, and placenta. Pancreas The pancreas is second largest gland of the body located in the loop of the duodenum. It is a heterocrine gland and formed of about 1 to 2 million groups of epithelial cells, called islets of Langerhans. These cells […]

Dialysis-Hemodialysis,Peritoneal dialysis and Kidney Transplantation

Dialysis is the process of diffusion across a semipermeable membrane to remove unwanted, toxic substances from blood while adding desirable components. A continuous constant flow of blood on one side of the semipermeable membrane and a cleansing solution (dialysate) o the other hand allows removal of waste products from the blood. Types of dialysis:- Hemodialysis […]