Biotechnology Principles and Processes

Basic biology revision-neet, aiims- biotechnology

Biotechnology is the integration of natural science and organisms, cells, parts thereof, and molecular analogs for product and services. Genetic engineering is the process of genetic material by the man in vitro for the benefit of mankind. Recombinant DNA Technology (RDT) Restriction enzymes have the ability to recognize and cut specific nucleotide sequences. Restriction enzymes are two […]

Sexual Reproduction in flowering plants

Reproduction in flowering plant -1 important points from previous year exam papers neet,aiims

The sexual reproduction in flowering plants first described by R. Camerarius (1964). Male gametophyte – Pollen grain Female gametophyte – Embryo sac 1.Pollen grain formation The wall of microsporangia consists of four layers:- Epidermis Endothecium It is made up of radially elongated cells and helps in dehiscence of anthers. Middle layer Tapetum Innermost layer Tapetum contains […]

The Living World

Important points from the living world(NEET, AIIMS, JIPMER, CSIR)

The biological names originate from Latin and are printed in italics (NEET-I 2016). The uninomial nomenclature is the designation of a taxon above species ranked by a scientific name consisting of a single word(Chattishgarh PMT 2015). The correct hierarchical arrangement of the taxonomic category of plants in descending order is: (J&K 2015) Kingdom → Division → […]

Xerophytes – Important Characteristics and Examples

Xerophytes examples and characteristics

some important morphological characteristics of xerophytes are : The root system is well developed extensive, penetrating very deep. Root hairs and root caps are very well developed. The leaves are reduced in area to check transpiration (Casuarina). The leaves may be modified into phyllodes ( Acacia melanoxylon) or succulent (Aloe, Agave, Yucca). The leaves show various […]