Principles of Inheritance and Variation Questions-1

Principles of Inheritance and Variation-1 mcq


1. What will be the first three children if the parents are heterozygous albino?

[A] No normal

[B*] Some normal, heterozygous and albino

[C] All heterozygous albino

[D] All normal

2. Which is a dominant trait?

[A] Albinism

[B] Haemophilia

[C*] Rh+ factor

[D] Haemophilia

3. ABO blood group system is due to

[A] Imcomplete dominance

[B] Multifactor inheritancce

[C*] Multiple alleslism

[D] Epistasis


4. Marriages between close relative should be avoided because it induces more

[A] Blood group abnormalities

[B*] Recessive alleles to come together

[C] Mutations

[D] Multiple births

5. F2 generation of a cross between two white flowered strains of Sweet : 7 white flowered plants.This is an example of

[A] Supplementary genes

[B] Epistasis

[C*] Complementary genes

[D] Gene inhibition


6. The allele which is unable to express it’s effect in the presencit’s another is called ?

[c] Codominant

[c*] Recessive

[c] Supplementary

[c] Complemtentary
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7. Blue eye color is recessive to broen eye color. A brown eyed man whose mother was blue-eyed marries a blue-eyed woman. The children shall be

[c] All brown eyed

[c*] Both blue eyed and brown eyed 1:1

[c] All blue eyed

[c] Blue eyed and brown eyed 3:1

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8. The procedure adopted by Mendel which was different from his predecessors is

[c*] Quantitative analysis of data

[c] differentiating inherited

[c] Keeping breeding records

[c] Employing many traits at one time

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9. A dihybrid condition is

[c] tt Rr

[c*] Tt Rr

[c] Tt rr

[c] tt rr
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10. In a genetic cross having recessive epistasis, FPhenotypic ratio will be

[c]9 : 6 : 1

[c*] 9 : 3 : 4

[c] 15 : 1

[c]12 : 2 :1

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11. The contrasting pairs of factors in Mendelian crosses are called?

[c*] Allelomorph

[c] Multiple alleles

[c] Alloloci

[c] Paramorphs
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12. Inheritance of skin color in human beings is an example of

[c] Monogenic inheritance

[c*] Polygenic inheritance

[c] Mendelian inheritance

[c]  Monogenic inheritance

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13. In a cross between AABB x aabb, the ratio of F2 genotypes between AABB, AaBB, Aabb, and aabb would be

[c] 9 : 3 : 3 : 1

[c] 7 : 5 : 3 : 1

[c*] 1 : 2 : 2 : 1

[c] 2 : 1 : 1 : 12
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14. A gene pair hides the effect of another. The phenomenon is

[c] Dominance

[c*] Epistasis

[c] Mutation

[c] None of the above

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15. Nonallelic genes having similar phenotypic effect, interact to produce a different trait and a ratio of 9 : 7 in Fgeneration are

[c] Supplementary genes

[c] Recessive epistasis

[c*] Complementary genes

[c] Hypostatic genes
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16. In a dihybrid cross, F2 ratio of 15 : 1 is due to

[c] Supplementary genes

[c*] Duplicate genes

[c] Dominant

[c] Recessive epistasis

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17. Polymorphism is mainly due to

[c] Monogenic inheritance

[c*] Polygenic inheritance

[c] Both Monogenic and Polygenic inheritance

[c] None of these
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18. Ratio 9 : 7 is due to

[c] Supplementary genes

[c*] Complementary genes

[c] Lethal genes

[c] Epistatic genes

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19. A woman with albinic father marries an albinic man. The proportion of her progeny is

[c] All albinic

[c] 2 normal : 1 albinic

[c*] 1 normal : 1 albinic

[c] All normal
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20. The term eugenic was first applied by

[c*] Galton

[c] Lederberg

[c] Urey

[c] Morgan

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21. Genes controlling seven traits in Pea studied by Mendel were actually located on

[c] Seven chromosomes

[c*] Four chromosomes

[c] Five chromosomes

[c] Six chromosomes
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22. The process of mating between closely related individuals is

[c*] Inbreeding

[c] Hybridization

[c] Self-breeding

[c] Heterosis

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23. In case of Incomplete dominance, Fgeneration has

[c] Genotypic ratio is 3 :1

[c*] Genotypic ratio equal to phenotypic

[c] Phenotypic ratio is 3: 1

[c] None of the above
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24. Two genetic loci produce identical phenotypes in cis as well as trans position. They are

[c] Different genes

[c] Multiple alleles

[c*] Pseudoalleles

[c] Parts of the same gene

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25. Phenomenon of an allele of one gene suppressing the activity of allele of another gene is called

[c] Dominance

[c] Suppression

[c*] Epistasis

[c] Inactivation
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26. In human, height shows a lot of variation. It is an example of

[c] Pseudoalleles

[c] Pleiotropic inheritance

[c*] Polygenic inheritance

[c] Multiples alleles

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27. Red seed color shows an FRATIO OF 1 :4 : 6 : 4 : 1. It is due to

[c] Different number of dominant genes

[c] Supplementary genes

[c*] Two polygenes

[c] Different number of recessive genes
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28. Two dominant independently assorting genes react with each other. They are

[c*] Complementary

[c] Duplicate

[c] Collaborative

[c] Supplementary

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29. Poly gene show

[c] Different genotypes

[c*] Different phenotypes

[c] Both of the above

[c] None of the above
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30. Epistasis in which dihybrid ratio of 9 : 3 : 3 : 1 between AaBb x AaBb is

[c] Interaction of two alleles at different locus

[c*] Dominance of one allele on another allele at both its loci

[c] Interaction between two alleles at same locus

[c] Dominance of on allele on another allele at the same locus

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31. Genes located on the same locus but having different expressions are

[c] Oncogenes

[c] Codominance

[c*] Multiple alleles

[c] Polygenes
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32. Which is true?

[c] Etiolation is not reversible

[c*] Etiolation is physiological but albinism is genetic

[c] Etiolation is genetic while albinism is physiological

[c] Etiolation and albinism are synonyms.

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33. Genotypic ratio of a dihybrid cross

[c] 15 : 1

[c*] 1 :2 : 2 : 2 : 4 : 1 : 2 : 1 : 2 : 1

[c] 12 : 3 : 1

[c] 1 : 2 : 1
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34. Which is connected with multiple phenotypes?

[c*] Pleiotropy

[c] Epistasis

[c] Polygenetic inheritance

[c] Mutations

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35. Hybrid vigor is due to

[c] Mixing of traits male and female

[c] Homozygosity in gamete state

[c*] Heterozygosity

[c] Superiority of genes
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36. 1 : 2 : 1 phenotypic and genotypic ratios

[c*] Blending inheritance

[c] Multiple alleles

[c] Complementary genes

[c] Psuedoalleles

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37. Sickle cell anemia is

[c] Sex linked inheritance

[c] Deficiency disease

[c*] Autosomal heritable disease

[c] Infectious disease
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38. By cross pollinating certain tobacco species, some fertile hybrids were obtained by,

[c] Mendel

[c] Morgan

[c] Khorana

[c*] Kolreuter

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39. In Pea, wrinkling of seed is due to conformation of starch because of the absence of enzyme?

[c] Amylase

[c*] Branching enzyme

[c] Invertase

[c] Diastase
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40.In complementary genes, the dihybrid ratio of

9 : 3 : 3 : 1 is modified to

[c*] 9 : 7

[c] 12 :3 : 1

[c] 15 : 1

[c] 13 : 3

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41. Pleiotropic effect is found in

[c]Night blindness

[c*] Sickle cell anemia

[c] Human skin color

[c] Hemophilia
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42. What is correct about linked gene?

[c*] Segregation but no law of independent assortment

[c] No segregation but law of independent assortment

[c] Segregation occurs but no law of dominance

[c] No law of segregation, no law of dominance

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43. Biometric genetics is connected with

[c] Biochemical explanation of genetic phenomena

[c] Effect of radiations on living organisms

[c] Effect of environment on genetic set up of organisms

[c*] Inheritance of quantitative traits
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44. Which one is an incorrect statement?

[c] Numerous intermediate types are found in between the two extremes in polygenic

[c*] Polygenic trait is controlled by multiple alleles

[c] Polygenic character is controlled by multiple genes

[c] Height, weight, and skin color are polygenic

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45. In quantitative inheritance F2 ratio obtained in a dihybrid cross is

[c*] 1 : 4 : 5 : 4 : 1

[c] 15 : 1

[c] 9 : 7

[c] 12 : 3 : 1
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46. Pure line is connected with development of

[c] Heterozygosity

[c*] Homozygosity and self-assortment

[c] Heterozygosity and linkage

[c] Homozygosity

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47. Factors present on the surface of RBCs which are related to heredity are

[c] Haemoglobin

[c] Blood groups

[c] Antibodies

[c*] Antigens
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48. Ratio 1 : 1 : 1 :1 is obtained from a cross of

[c] RRYY X rrryy

[c] RRYy X rrYy

[c*] rRyY X rryy

[c] RrYY X rRyy

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49. Mendel’s work was got republished in ‘Flora’ by


[c*] De Vries

[c] Correns

[c] All the above
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50. Which one is an interaction of genes

[c*] Epistasis

[c] Recessiveness

[c] Dominance

[c] Pleiotropy

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51. Multiple alleles are characterized by

[c*] More than two alternate forms of a gene found at same locus

[c] Occurrence of one gene in two chromosomes

[c] More than two alternate forms of a gene found at a different loci

[c] None of the above
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52. Incomplete dominance was discovered by

[c] Mendel

[c*] Correns

[c] Johannsen

[c] Bateson

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53. Grain color of wheat is determined by three pairs of polygenes. What proportion of F2 progeny will resemble either parent following a cross of AABBCC (dark color) with aabbcc (light color)?

[c] None

[c*] Less than 5%

[c] One-third

[c] Half