Miscellaneous Questions -3- Basic Biology

Miscellaneous Questions-3-neet-aiims-csir

1. Cyanophages were discovered by?

[A] DeHerelle

[B] Diener

[C] Prusiner

[D] Safferman & Morris

ANSWER: –[D] Safferman & Morris 

2. TMV genes are?

[A] ssRNA

[B] ssDNA

[C] dsRNA

[D] dsDNA



3. Genetic material of HIV is?

[A] ssRNA

[B] ssDNA

[C] dsRNA

[D] dsDNA



4. Which disease is caused by Virus?

[A] Q Fever

[B] Leptospirosis

[C] Trench Fever

[D] Severe acute respiratory syndrome

ANSWER: –[D] Severe acute respiratory syndrome


5. Virus multiplies in?

[A] Soil

[B] Dead tissue

[C] Culture media

[D] Living tissue

ANSWER: –[D] Living tissue


6. Which one is absent in viruses?

[A] Mutation

[B] Infection ability

[C] Host specificity

[D] Translation

ANSWER: –[D] Translation

7. Substances secreated by bacteria are?

[A] Antibiotics

[B] Interferons

[C] Enterotoxins

[D] Antibodies

ANSWER: –[C] Enterotoxins

8. All monerans have?

[A] Either DNA or RNA

[B] Cellwall

[C] Nucleoid

[D] Chromatophores

ANSWER: –[C] Nucleoid

9. Gram positive & Gram negative bacteria are differentiated on the basis of?

[A] Cellwall

[B] Flagella

[C] Nucleus


ANSWER: –[A] Cellwall

10. Prophage refers to?

[A] Viral genome

[B] Viral genome integrated with bacterial genome

[C] Viral genome without capsid

[D] Precursor of virus

ANSWER: –[B] Viral genome integrated with bacterial genome


11. Genotype – Phenotype concept given by?

[A] Bateson

[B] Johannsen

[C] Punett

[D] Mendel

ANSWER: –[B] Johannsen


12. Kombu used as famous Japanese Dish, It belongs to which algae?

[A] Porphyra

[B] Monostroma

[C] Ulva

[D] Laminaria

ANSWER: –[D] Laminaria


13. If a heterozygous tall plant crossed with a recessive dwarf plant, as result 100 seeds are produced. if these seeds grown in a farm, total 96 plants produced. What is true for these plants?

[A] Two third are dwarf

[B] around fifty percent Tall

[C] One third Dwarf

[D] All tall

ANSWER: –[B] around fifty percent Tall

14. Black Rust is a plant disease caused by a?

[A] Bacteria

[B] Fungi

[C] Virus

[D] Algae

ANSWER: –[B] Fungi

15. How many pair of contrasting characters studied by mendel in pea pod?

[A] Seven

[B] Three

[C] Five

[D] Two

ANSWER: –[D] Two

16. Which is not true for IUDs?

[A] Placed in uterus

[B] LNG 20 releases hormone

[C] Temporary contraception

[D] Self inserted devices

ANSWER: –[D] Self inserted devices


17. What is foetal ejection reflex?

[A] Foetus movement

[B] Mild uterine contraction

[C] Pituitary oxytocin surge

[D] Abortion of baby

ANSWER: –[B] Mild uterine contraction

18. Relaxin is secreated by

[A] Uterus
[B] Oviduct

[C] Pituitary

[D] Ovary

ANSWER: –[D] Ovary

19. Identify Genotype which produces only one type of gametes?

[A] AaBb

[B] Tt

[C] AABb

[D] aabb

ANSWER: –[D] aabb

20. STD may be due to infection of?

[A] Viruses

[B] Bacteria

[C] Protozoa

[D] Any of these

ANSWER: –[D] Any of these

21. Water hyacinth vegetatively reproduce by?

[A] Offset

[B] Bulbils

[C] Suckers

[D] Runner

ANSWER: –[A] Offset

22. Which is not a part of Anther in Angiosperms?

[A] Filament

[B] Tapetum

[C] Endothecium

[D] Nucellus

ANSWER: –[D] Nucellus


23. What is the function of generative cell in male gametophyte?

[A] Formation of Pollen tube

[B] Chemotaxis

[C] Nutritive

[D] Formation of male gametes

ANSWER: –[D] Formation of male gametes


24. Vallisneria shows?

[A] Anemophily

[B] Hydrophily

[C] Entomophily

[D] Zoophily

ANSWER: –[B] Hydrophily


25. In which age group the incidences of sexually transmitted diseases are very high?

[A] Elderly above sixty

[B] Mid age around fourties

[C] Teenagers & youngsters

[D] Kids below twelve years

ANSWER: –[C] Teenagers & youngsters


26. Which cross will give phenotypic ratio 1:1?

[A] AA X aa

[B] Aa X AA

[C] Aa X Aa

[D] Aa X aa

ANSWER: –[D] Aa X aa
Aa X aa represents Monohybrid test cross


27. Incomplete dominance shown by?

[A] Garden pea

[B] Snapdrogon

[C] Both of these

[D] None of these

ANSWER: –[B] Snapdrogon


28. All Protozoans are?

[A] Saprophytic

[B] Marine

[C] Heterotroph

[D] Flagellate

ANSWER: –[C] Heterotroph


29. Dictyota is a?

[A] Red algae

[B] Brown algae

[C] Green algae

[D] Blue green algae

ANSWER: –[B] Brown algae
Laminaria, Fucus & Dictyota are brown algae


30. An algae having Chlorophyll a & d with phycoerythrin, belongs to which group?

[A] Phaeophyceae

[B] Rhodophyceae

[C] Cyanophyceae

[D] Chlorophyceae

ANSWER: –[B] Rhodophyceae


31. Which of the following belongs to order – Poales?

[A] Wheat

[B] Mango

[C] Cashews

[D] Chestnut

ANSWER: –[A] Wheat
Wheat belongs to order – Poales while Mango, Cashew & Chestnut belongs to order – Sapindales


32. The smallest taxon is called?

[A] Class

[B] Order

[C] Genus

[D] Species

ANSWER: –[D] Species


33. Plectenchyma seen in?

[A] Algae

[B] Bacteria

[C] Plants

[D] Fungi

ANSWER: –[D] Fungi


34. All living beings have this property without exception?

[A] Sexuality

[B] Reproduction

[C] Nucleic acid

[D] Consciousness

ANSWER: –[D] Consciousness

35. A farmer harvested a crop of garden pea, in which he found 89 Seeds are Yellow & 84 Seeds are Green. What will be the genotype of parent plants?

[A] YY X yy

[B] Yy X Yy

[C] Yy X YY

[D] Yy X yy

ANSWER: –[D] Yy X yy
1: 1 phenotypic ratio seen in monohybrid test cross. (Yy X yy)


36. Bacterial Conjugation was first shown by?

[A] Robert hooke

[B] Skoog

[C] Lederburg & Tatum

[D] Dixon & Jolly

ANSWER: –[C] Lederburg & Tatum


37. Yeast belongs to which of the following class?

[A] Deuteromycetes

[B] Ascomycetes

[C] Basidiomycetes

[D] Phycomycetes

ANSWER: –[B] Ascomycetes


38. Litmus is obtained from?

[A] Fungi

[B] Alga

[C] Lichen

[D] Gynmosperm

ANSWER: –[B] Lichen
Litmus is obtained from Lichen Rocella tinctoria.


39. Carpogonium is female sex organ of?

[A] Red algae

[B] Brown algae

[C] Green algae

[D] Blue green algae

ANSWER: –[] Red algae
Carpogonium is female sex organ in Red algae Rhodophyceae.


40. Agar is obtained from?

[A] Chondrus

[B] Gracillaria

[C] Polysiphonia

[D] Batrachospermum

ANSWER: –[B] Gracillaria
Agar is obtained from red algae Gracillaria & Gelidium


41. If the number of chromosome in the pollen grains of Pinus is 12, What would be the number of chromosome in its Endosperm?

[A] Twelve

[B] Twenty four

[C] Thirty six

[D] None of these

ANSWER: –[A] Twelve
Endosperm in gymnosperm is haploid. Pinus is a gymnosperm.


42. Pollen grains are shed at which stage?

[A] 2 Celled

[B] 3 Celled

[C] Usually 2 celled but sometimes 3 celled

[D] Single celled

ANSWER: –[A] Usually 2 celled but sometimes 3 celled


43. If an angiospermic Male plant have genotype “yy” & female plant have genotype “YY”, what will be the possible genotype in endosperm?

[A] YYy

[B] Yy

[C] Yyy

[D] YY

Female genotype is YY so secoundary nucleus is Y+Y; Male gamete is y. Due to triple fusion male gamete fuses with secoundary nucleus. so YYy formed (Endosperm)


44. Genes are made up of?

[A] Polypeptides

[B] Polyamines

[C] Polynucleotides

[D] Triglycerides

ANSWER: –[C] Polynucleotides


45. Which one is largest unicellular organisms?

[A] Yeast

[B] Volvox

[C] Planaria

[D] Acetabularia

ANSWER: –[D] Acetabularia


46. The term Allelomorph implies:

[A] Any two characters

[B] Sex linked characters

[C] A pair of contrasting characters

[D] A pair of non contrasting characters

ANSWER: –[C] A pair of contrasting characters


47. In a cross 45 Tall and 14 Dwarf plants were obtained. Genotypes of parent are:

[A] TT, tt

[B] TT, TT

[C] TT, Tt

[D] Tt, Tt

ANSWER: –[D] Tt, Tt
3:1 obtaned in monohybrid cross when F1 self crossed.


48. A heterozygous round seeded (Rr) plant is crossed to recessieve wrinkled seeded (rr) plant. The progeny would be:

[A] 20 rounded: 99 wrinkled

[B] 99 rounded: 301 wrinkled

[C] 301 rounded: 100 wrinkled

[D] 303 rounded: 301 wrinkled

ANSWER: –[D] 303 rounded: 301 wrinkled
303: 301 means 1:1 – Monohybrid test cross ratio (Rr X rr).


49. Percentage of heterozygous individuals obtained by selfing “Rr” individual is?

[A] Twenty five

[B] Fifty

[C] seventy five

[D] Hundred

ANSWER: –[B] Fifty
Monohybrid cross – genotypic ratio 1RR: 2Rr: 1rr so Heterozygous is 50%


50. In pigs, White coat (W) is dominant to black (w) coat. Two white pig are breed to produced 9 white and 2 black pigs. what are the genotype of the parents?

[A] Ww X Ww

[B] ww X ww


[D] WW X Ww

ANSWER: –[A] Ww X Ww
In monohybrid cross, character segregates. WW X WW – All white progeny, ww X ww – All black progeny, WW X Ww – All white progeny so Only Ww X Ww can give both white & black coat progeny.