Connecting link and Missing link between two organism ?

1. Virus Connecting link Between living and non-living Non-living Characters  Living Characters  These can be crystallized like inorganic and organic compound.  Cell organelles remain absent. Lack of growth and metabolism  Undergo mutation  Reproduction in the living cell. Shows recombination and heritability. 2. Euglena Connecting link between plants and animals  Animal Characters  Plant Characters  The body is covered by the … Read moreConnecting link and Missing link between two organism ?

Seed germination and Chromosome number in plant parts

Seed Germination Seed Germination is the process in which dormant embryo of seed resumes active growth and forms a seedling. When all the necessary conditions for germination have been supplied, the seed may start to sprout. After the seeds have imbibed water, there is significantly increased in the physiological activity. By enzymatic action, the stored … Read moreSeed germination and Chromosome number in plant parts

miRNA or microRNA Functions and Biogenesis

what is miRNA or microRNA

MicroRNAs (miRNA) are a class of small non-coding RNAs that involve in regulation of gene expression. lin-4 was the first discovered miRNA by Ambros and colleagues in C. elegans(Caenorhabditis elegans). After 7 years of the discovery of lin-4, Reinhart et al. reported lin-7( another miRNA in C. elegans). A unique characteristic of miRNAs is that … Read moremiRNA or microRNA Functions and Biogenesis

Root modification examples and functions

Root The root is the underground part of a plant. Root develops from the radicle of the germinated seed. Important functions of the roots : Absorption of water and minerals. In anchoring the plant in the soil Important Characteristic of roots : The roots in the plants lack node. They are positively geotropic, negatively phototropic … Read moreRoot modification examples and functions

Electric Dipole and Electric Field due to Dipole

An electric dipole is a pair of equal and opposite point charges that are separated by a short distance. Electric Dipole Moment The electric dipole moment is the product of the magnitude of one electric charge and the distance between the charges.SI unit of dipole moment is Coulomb-meter. Electric dipole formula, \[p=(2a)q\] p= Dipole moment, … Read moreElectric Dipole and Electric Field due to Dipole