Plant Kingdom-Quick Revision

Plant Kingdom

In the plant kingdom, plants are classified into various divisions and subdivisions based on their similarities and dissimilarities. The branch of science, dealing with classification of plants is called Plants taxonomy. The study of plants is called Phytology. Kingdom-Plantae is divided into two subkingdoms, i.e. Cryptogamae (having conspicuous reproductive structures) and Phanerogammae (having visible reproductive structures). Cryptogamae […]

Biological Classification – Quick Revision

Biological Classification

Classification is the scientific procedure of arrangement of living organism into groups. It is done on the basis of their similarities and dissimilarities and placing the groups in a hierarchy of categories. The first pioneer work on biological classification was done by Linnaeus. He classified living organisms into the two kingdoms, i.e Plantae and Animalia. […]

The Living World – Quick Revision

Important Branches of Biology This is a collection of important branches of biology asked in various exams. ⇒ Quick Revision – Basic Biology  Acarology –  The study of ticks and mites. Agrostology – Study of grasses. Anthology (Bessey) – Study of flowers and flowering plants. Anthropology – Study of related to origin, development, and culture of […]