Miscellaneous Questions -3- Basic Biology

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1. Cyanophages were discovered by? [A] DeHerelle [B] Diener [C] Prusiner [D] Safferman & Morris ANSWER: –[D] Safferman & Morris  2. TMV genes are? [A] ssRNA [B] ssDNA [C] dsRNA [D] dsDNA ANSWER: –[A]  ssRNA   3. Genetic material of HIV is? [A] ssRNA [B] ssDNA [C] dsRNA [D] dsDNA ANSWER: –[A] ssRNA    4. Which disease Read More

Miscellaneous Questions -2- Basic Biology

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Questions based on the topics: Human reproduction and Reproductive health 1. There are six important reproductive events: Fertilisation, Gametogenesis, Insemination, Parturition & Gestation; Arrange them in the right sequence. [A] Fertilisation, Gametogenesis, Insemination, Implantation, Parturition & Gestation [B] Gametogenesis, Implantation, Fertilisation, Insemination, Parturition Read More

Sexual Reproduction in flowering plants Quick Revision

Reproduction in flowering plant -1 important points from previous year exam papers neet,aiims

Amphimixis is the formation of new individuals through the normal process of sexual reproduction by meiotic formation of gametes and fusion of gametes during fertilization. Apomixis is the formation of new individuals directly through asexual reproduction without involving the formation and fusion of gametes. It occurs by three methods – Agamospermy, spore formation, and vegetative Read More